Soft Drug

We are Soft Drug. Soft Drug - Biography Pop mixed with R’n’B, inspiration from Glass Animals and Portugal. The Man, the Berlin-based band produce a sound more fitting to the west coast of the US than Germany’s capital city. Soft Drug playfully flirts with this lively contrast of West coast style produced in the heart of Berlin composing daring melodies and steady rhythm. Their songs find outlet for identity crises, a soundtrack in their search for security documenting their hard labour to free themselves from toxic masculinity. Expect edgy synth melodies that bounce to rolling beats. With an attention to detail and a clean crisp sound, Soft Drug creates perfect pop anthems, fuelled by relatable questions and doubts that go straight to the heart. Soft Drug rediscovered their pop sound after leaving Germany for the UK. Sat in a terrace house in Manchester, soon to become their recording studio, the band decided to take their inspiration from their direct surroundings and, of course, British TV. In conversations with artists and musicians they discovered the importance of self development and solidarity. Their lyrics became even more intimate and to the point, touching on topics like depression, accepting weakness and cultivating a new image of masculinity. Back in Germany, Soft Drug used their past experiences to animate their new songs, production and lyrics.

“I am as female as I want to be“

“nobody knows how to deal with a man showing weaknesses“

“dance just to forget that you have nothing to fear“

A central theme in their songs is the question of what kind of world we want to live in today. Provocative statements that ask questions. Ones that often only we can answer ourselves. Illustrating the world today, Soft Drug’s songs are built upon a diverse sphere of influence. From Anderson.Paak to Arlo Parks, Soft Drugs’ depth and intimacy transmits playful early-naughties pop R’n’B sounds. Fresh from their new home of Neukölln with a nod across the pond, you’ll find a touch of L.A steeped in the melting pot of Berlin.



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