Ant Antic

Ant Antic is the project around singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Koett. The unique mix of ambient, electronic dance music and contemporary RnB, carried by an unmistakably haunting voice, covers the entire spectrum of emotions: music that stirs and at the same time gently envelops. Dreamy melancholy and carefree weightlessness on the one hand, crisp bass lines and unerring hip hop beats on the other.

Ant Antic’s signature sound is reduced and uncompromising in its implementation, focusing on a few but essential elements and ideas. The reduced instrumentation creates a lot of air for the vocals in the foreground, while creative and unconventional sound design in the background creates the basis for an effortless balancing act between pop and club music.

After the EP Blood Sugar was released in May 2015, the live implementation was perfected as a trio in clubs and on festival stages. Then it went back to the studio to work on the debut album Wealth, which was released in June 2017 via Seayou Records. The debut was followed by a tour with over 48 shows in Central and Southern Europe. After ‘Good Vids, Vile Times’ (released in 2020), the third album ‘Social Performer’ was released at the end of October 2023.



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27/07/2024 AT Vöcklabrück (AT)