Schreng Schreng & La La

Schreng Schreng und La La are trying to impress: with big and small gestures, diffused emotions and terrific fun with sparkling fountains of sound.

To think with the heart, to go with the imagination here and there, to stomp around St. Pauli even on bank holidays – and not taking themselves too seriously. Contrary to the topics put into lyrics. To top everything take as many chords as the RAMONES used to use. But in this case, next to the guitar, there will be more instruments known from your childrens bedroom than back when the leather jacket wearing punks used to play.

Escorted by hails of soap bubbles and the dream of a worldwide prohibition of boredom, Schreng Schreng und La La play and perform a crazy mixture of Bob Dylan, Horatio Alger, Iron Maiden and a supermarket plundering. If the band was named after a movie, the movie would be called “Fear & loathing and sleepless in Düsseldorf – not Seattle, Dirk” – any further questions? Awesome.



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10/05/2024 DE Münster (DE)
Gleis22 gemeinsam mit Matze Rossi
11/05/2024 DE Köln (DE)
Artheater gemeinsam mit Matze Rossi
DE Beverungen (DE)
Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special
22/06/2024 DE Solingen (DE)
Cow Club
Cow Club Lesung
25/10/2024 DE Berlin (DE)